Events & exhibitions

the crowd at the Employer's Showcase event in January 2017

The Inforum is a popular venue for program and class exhibitions, and all kinds of academic and professional events.  Multiple airy and well-lit spaces over two floors make it ideal for multi-track events. A large space on the 4th floor is equipped with a fully-wired podium, a ceiling mounted sound system, projection screen, and comfortable seating for 100 people.

For information on event planning, see our Inforum Event Booking Policy, as well as our extensive Events in the Inforum: Preparation guide for organizers.Inforum director, Lari Langford at December 2016 end of term party, holding a gingerbread house made by Prof. Jenna Hartel

We balance student study needs with the frequency of events, so if you are thinking of the Inforum for an event, be sure to get your request in early!  



Images: 1) Employers' Showcase student-run event, January 2017; 2) Lari Langford, Inforum Director, at the December 2016 end-of-term party, traditionally held in the Inforum, with the Gingerbread House of Information made by Prof. Jenna Hartel.