Guerilla archiving event in the Inforum, part of the End-of-Term archiving process of the Internet Archive, held in the Inforum on Dec 2016The Inforum is a sought-after venue for all kinds of events.  With multiple spaces over two floors, a fully-wired podium, ceiling-mounted sound system, projection screen, and comfortable seating for 100 people, we are able to provide suitable surroundings and facilities for academic and professional development events.

For information on event planning, see our policies and guidelines. We balance student study needs with the frequency of events, so if you are thinking of the Inforum for an event, be sure to get your request in early!

Research events include Research-in-Progress (RIP!), a bi-weekly, one-hour community event that highlights Faculty of Information researchers. Through informal and informative talks about their current projects, RIP! presenters seek to engage our community in a lively conversation. Each session focuses on fostering discussion rich with varying perspectives. RIP! predominantly features collaborative research; thus, faculty and librarians working with graduate students are invited to participate. The calendar for Winter 2018 is available here.

Conference poster sessions, lectures, and salons also form part of the research scene.

Professional events, such as Associations as Your Gateway, student council-hosted Employers’ Showcase, and student chapter-led events such as the Librarians Without Borders’ Human Library, bring employers and others to the Inforum for a variety of networking and learning opportunities.

Course-related exhibitions & lectures include end-of-course exhibitions where students present their work e.g., INF2173 Practicum; iSchool Co-op program; MSL3000 Internship; KMDI posters; and, special class lectures open to a wider audience. These events provide opportunities to engage with stellar iSchool student work.

Alumni-themed events take place at various times during the year, such as the Spring Alumni Reunion, and other events where alumni interact with current students, such as the Alumni All Star iTea held in the fall.

Social events held in the recent past include a student chapter movie night, and iTeas that celebrated the beginning and end of the academic year. In June 2017, the grand annual Convocation Reception took place in the Inforum.