5th floor spaces

Student working in a self-contained Brody WorkLounge module, with chair, side table, lamp, and privacy walls

Brody WorkLounge modules
Each of the nine modules has a reclining padded seat, desk space for a laptop, a side table, a flexible lamp, cubby space for coats and knapsacks, a padded foot-rest, and privacy walls. One WorkLounge module is oriented for left-handed users. (right)

iTable area on the Inforum 5th floor, with projector, screen, and seating for 14.

iTable area ('Room' 505A, although it is in an open area), features a built-in projector and screen for presentations, and seating for up to 14 people. (left)

The Ideas Exchange (Room 520) is a bookable space with four high tables, 24 chairs, and a two large screens which can be connected to laptops. (bottom)

Two research labs occupy space on the 5th floor: the iDB Lab, led by Professor Periklis Andritsos and Professor Kelly Lyons; and the Systems Design Studio, the new physical home of the Digital Curation Institute, led by Professor Christoph Becker

Mounting wall for Museum StudiesA student using magnets to mount posters on the Museum Studies mounting wall on the Inforum's 5th floor (right)

Student lounge area, with coffee tables and comfy seating. A self-serve coffee area will be set up at some point soon. 

Skype booth:  A small room with sliding doors for Skyping, or quiet study. NOTE: Booth is out of order until further notice.

iSchool classrooms 507 & 538 are located on the 5th floor, inside the Inforum.

Project room, with seating for 24, on the Inforum's 4th floor.