Accessing & booking

Inforum 4th floor open area, with sofas, tables, and chairsThe Inforum is open 24/7 to all members of the iSchool community after hours, by fob. After-hours usage does not include access to collection and technology loans. If you experience fob problems, please email the iSchool Facilities Coordinator: glen.menzies[at]  Image: 4th floor event space

Some spaces in the Inforum may be booked as follows:

  • Group study rooms 416 & 418
    Contact Inforum staff:  In person  |  416-978-7060  |  help.ischool[at]
  • Event space (4th floor)
    Contact help.ischool[at]
  • Semaphore Demo Room (Room 417)
    Contact glen.menzies[at]
  • iTable ('Room' 505A)
    Contact glen.menzies[at]
  • Ideas Exchange (Room 520)
    Contact glen.menzies[at]