Accessing & booking

Inforum 4th floor open area, with sofas, tables, and chairs The main Inforum 4th and 5th floor areas are open to the Faculty of Information community, the University community, and the public during our hours of operation.

Some spaces in the Inforum may be booked by the Faculty of Information community, including:

  • Group study rooms 416 & 418
    Contact Inforum staff:  In person  |  416-978-7060  |  help.ischool[at]
  • Event space (4th floor)
    Contact help.ischool[at]
  • Semaphore Demo Room (Room 417)
    Contact glen.menzies[at]
  • iTable ('Room' 505A)
    Contact glen.menzies[at]
  • Ideas Exchange (Room 520)
    Contact glen.menzies[at]