Care of our spaces

view of room 417, the Semaphore demonstration lab


  • Emergencies: Use the Inforum desk phone - 416-978-7060 -  to call either 9-911 or Campus Police at 8-2222, depending on the nature of emergency. The Inforum desk phone is hooked up to the Campus Police TELS service, which alerts the dispatcher to the exact location of an emergency call placed from a campus phone.

Food & drink

  • Permitted in the Inforum, except in the Collections area
  • Avoid messy foods, and clean up after yourselves.
  • Place trash in appropriate receptacles in the lobby, including the green bin for compostables.


  • Be attentive to your fellow students in terms of noise level, and shared use of space.
  • If you move furniture around, please put it back into its original position before leaving.
  • Tidy up after yourselves, e.g. wipe up spills, throw out your garbage.
  • Full Inforum Etiquette guidelines [PDF]

UTL policies

U of T Libraries Conduct Regulations
U of T Libraries Policy on Accessing Pornographic Materials