student in a yoga pose in the Inforum's mindfulness areaiRelax is U of T's 1st secular, ethically and sustainably-sourced mindfulness area.

Located just past the Inforum's 4th floor stacks, iRelax offers its visitors yoga mats, meditation cushions and stools, and print learning resources on a first-come, first-served basis for use throughout the Inforum.
sound cancelling headphones and iPods with guided meditations for use in the Inforum's iRelax area

In addition, sound-cancelling headphones and iPods loaded with guided meditations are available to iSchool students at the Information Desk.

The goal of iRelax is to provide items to assist in personal development, stress-reduction, and increased focus throughout the year. Mindfulness practices have been empirically shown to be an effective way to reduce stress and increase focus.Yoga & Mindfulness Therapy book available for use in the Inforum's iRelax area

By connecting our community to secular mindfulness resources, ethically and sustainably-sourced materials, technology, and links to on-campus learning opportunities, we hope to facilitate the development and/or expansion of our community's wellness toolkits.

Come to the Inforum and get your Mindfulness on!