Building interoperable digital collections with the international interoperability framework (IIIF)

Many libraries and archives invest resources to digitise and present their collections online. This workshop will introduce an important emerging standard for digital collections - the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF). IIIF is a set of tools, standards, and a community of practice to make digital collections interoperable. This workshop will provide an introduction to IIIF and how it can be used in professional practice. 

Learning outcomes from this workshop:

  • Understand what IIIF is, how it is used, and why it is important for digital collection interoperability
  • Evaluate when it makes sense to use IIIF for digital collections
  • Generate and edit IIIF manifests
  • Implement IIIF manifests within IIIF viewers
  • Analyze IIIF-enabled digital collection platforms 

Should you fail to withdraw 48+ hours in advance, thereby preventing your colleagues on the waitlist from filling in your spot, your library account will be charged $10 per missed workshop. Please note, it is your responsibility to sign next to your name on the attendance sheet for each workshop session. A blank signature spot will result in a penalty charge.


Rachel Di Cresce, Digital Projects Librarian, and Kelli Babcock, Digital Initiatives Librarian