Computers without screens: Building with a Raspberry Pi+

This workshop is an introduction to setting up and getting started with your Raspberry Pi. If you've never set up a Pi, or are just curious about what they can do, this workshop is for you! 

Learning outcomes from this workshop:

  • Recognize the different physical components of the Raspberry Pi, breadboards, jumper cables, and sensors.
  • Create, edit, save and execute Python files on the Raspberry Pi that perform very basic functionality.
  • Identify a variety of input and output sensors, and to connect them to a Raspberry Pi using a breadboard and jumper cables.
  • Carry out tutorials that involve connecting various individual sensors to the Raspberry Pi.
  • Create a component that consists of multiple input and output sensors.

Should you fail to withdraw 48+ hours in advance, thereby preventing your colleagues on the waitlist from filling in your spot, your library account will be charged $10 per missed workshop. Please note, it is your responsibility to sign next to your name on the attendance sheet for each workshop session. A blank signature spot will result in a penalty charge.

+This workshop was made possible by a partnership between  KMDI and the Inforum.


James Eberhardt, Technical Director, Internet of Things and Mobile Platforms