iSkills: Professional, academic, & technical workshops

iSchool professors, librarians, staff, current students, alumni, and a collective of professionals and academics from each program and concentration, worked together to create the iSkills roster of workshops listed below. Together with the MMSt and MI curricula, they create a unique and complete information and heritage graduate educational experience. They also address academic, professional, and technical competencies aligned with your program and/or concentration(s).


NEW REGISTRATION SYSTEM An email with directions on how to register for iSkills Fall 2018 will be emailed to iSchool student by Kathleen Scheaffer in the beginning of September 2018.  ONLY through the link in the email are you able to register.  A list of the workshops we held in Winter 2018 iSkills appears at the bottom of the page: select the workshop to view its description.

You MUST be registered for each workshop you attend. Those who show up to a workshop but who are not registered/on the attendance sheet will be asked to leave, as it in an imposition on the instructor and unfair to those who are registered/waitlisted for that session.  

Workshop handouts

Missed a workshop but still interested in the material? Check the table below for available handouts and presentation materials from Winter 2018 and before. Workshop materials, when available, are generally posted the week following the last session of a workshop. Materials from previous terms can be accessed by changing the year and term in the drop-down menus below.


If you are unable to attend a workshop for which you have signed up, make sure to withdraw at least 48 hours prior to the workshop. Each registration confirmation email contains a link to use to withdraw; therefore, you must make sure you enter your email correctly.

Penalty ($)

Should you fail to withdraw 48+ hours in advance, thereby preventing your colleagues on the waitlist from filling in your spot, your library account will be charged $10 per missed workshop.  Please note that it is your responsibility to sign next to your name on the attendance sheet for each workshop session.  A blank signature spot will result in a penalty charge.

Questions, comments, suggestions

All questions, comments, and suggestions relating to iSkills workshops should be directed to Kathleen Scheaffer, Inforum Librarian, Outreach & Instructional Services Coordinator.

iSkills Workshops

Workshop Year Materials
User Experience: How to Thrive (Not Just Survive) in the Industry 2018 PDF icon Presentation
Introduction to Data Management and Statistical Analysis with SPSS 2018 PDF icon Handout
Put Your Best Face Forward: How to Talk to Media 2018 PDF icon Presentation
PDF icon Handout
Preservation in a Historical Computing Environment: How to Recover Information from Vintage Tech 2018 PDF icon Handout
Design, Code, Test, Comply: Web Accessibility Demystified 2018 PDF icon Presentation
PDF icon Handout
"Money, Please!": Applying for Research Funding 2018
Cleaning Up a Bibliographic Record Mess with MarcEdit 2018 PDF icon Handout
Free Publicity!: How to Increase User/Visitor/Public Engagement through Media Relations and Social Media 2018 PDF icon Handout
PDF icon Activities
Startup Thinking: How Academic Libraries Support Entrepreneurs 2018
Creating Digital Collections with Islandora 2018 PDF icon Presentation
Introduction to Business Research 2018 PDF icon Presentation
Writing Business Reports and Executive Summaries 2018 PDF icon Presentation
Financial Literacy 2018 PDF icon Handout
Librarians at Play: The Escape Room as Library Orientation 2018
Leveraging LinkedIn 2018 PDF icon Presentation
PDF icon Handout
Professional Communications 2018 PDF icon Presentation
UXD Portfolio 2018 PDF icon Presentation
How to Network 2018 PDF icon Handout
How to Interview 2018 PDF icon Presentation
PDF icon Handout
Resume/CV/Cover Letter 2018 PDF icon Presentation
PDF icon Handout
Using Data to Solve Problems: An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Beginners 2018 PDF icon Presentation
Creating Online Tutorials with Screencasts 2018 PDF icon Presentation
PDF icon Handout
Bring out yer SIPs: An Introduction to Digital Preservation with Archivematica 2018 PDF icon Presentation
PDF icon Handout
Using Service Blueprinting as a Tool for Service Assessment 2018 PDF icon Presentation
PDF icon Handout
Introduction to AtoM: Describing Archival Material in Libraries, Archives, and Museums 2018 PDF icon Presentation
Programming for Beginners with Python 2018 PDF icon Presentation
Web Archiving at UTL 2018 PDF icon Presentation
iOS App Development with Swift and AudioKit 2018 PDF icon Presentation
3D Printing 2018 PDF icon Handout
Introduction to Omeka: Creating Online Exhibits and Collections 2018 PDF icon Presentation
Introduction to Illustrator 2018 PDF icon Handout
Introduction to Photoshop 2018 PDF icon Handout
Data Visualization 2018 PDF icon Handout
PDF icon Presentation
Introduction to InDesign 2018 PDF icon Handout
Museums and the Digital Toolbox 2018 PDF icon Presentation
Screen-Based Interpretation in Museum Exhibitions 2018 PDF icon Presentation