iSkills: Professional, academic, & technical workshops

Faculty of Information professors, librarians, staff, current students, alumni, and a collective of professionals and academics from each program and concentration, worked together to create the iSkills roster of workshops listed below. Together with the required curricula, these workshops create a unique information and heritage educational experience. They also address academic, professional, and technical competencies aligned with your program and/or concentration(s).

Winter 2020 registration

  • All current BI, MI, MMSt, and PhD students can register for Winter 2020 iSkills workshops.  You will receive an email from Daisy Dowdall with directions on how to register on Monday, January 6th.
  • DOUBLE CHECK you entered your UTORONTO email information correctly (example:
  • You MUST be registered for each workshop you wish to attend
  • There will be an attendance sheet in each workshop session, listing the names of all registrants
  • Those who are not on the attendance sheet will be asked to leave, since it is an imposition on the instructor, and unfair to those who registered or are waitlisted

Waitlist and future sessions

  • If a workshop is full, be sure to sign up for the waitlist, as we add sessions to the fall and winter roster based on numbers of those who are on the waitlist

Workshop materials

  • Materials, when received from instructors, are posted within a few weeks after the last session of a workshop
  • Change the year and the term in the drop-down menus below to access the workshop roster and accompanying materials from previous terms


  • If you are unable to attend a workshop for which you have signed up, be sure to withdraw at least 48 hours prior to the workshop
  • Be sure to save each registration confirmation email, as it contains a link to use if you need to withdraw

Penalty charge ($)

  • If you fail to withdraw 48+ hours in advance, your library account will be charged $10 per missed workshop
  • It is your responsibility to sign your name on each workshop's attendance sheet to ensure that we have a record of your attendance
  • A blank signature spot will result in a penalty charge


  • Alumni will receive a separate email from Lisa Habib, Alumni Development Officer
  • You will ONLY be able to register via the link in this email

Questions, comments, suggestions

All questions, comments, and suggestions relating to iSkills workshops should be directed to Daisy Dowdall, User Services Librarian.

iSkills Workshops

Workshop Year Materials
Alternative controllers: From MakeyMakeys to PlayStation Moves* 2020 PDF icon presentation.pdf
Introduction to Photoshop* 2020
Computers without screens: Building with a Raspberry Pi - Intermediate* 2020
Computers without screens: Building with a Raspberry Pi - Beginner* 2020
Museum tech: Introduction to wireframes and digital prototypes 2020
Interactive UX prototyping with Axure 2020
Create Your First iOS App 2020 PDF icon handout.pdf
Introduction to Illustrator: Building your business card 2020
SafeTALK 2020
R - An Introduction 2020
Introduction to data management and statistical analysis with SPSS 2020
Building and publishing interactive online workshops with Articulate Storyline 2020 PDF icon handout.pdf
Exhibition label writing 2020
Resume writing & review 2020
LinkedIn clinic 2020
Personal professional narrative 2020
A gentle dive into Git: The multi tool for saving, storing, publishing and sharing your work+ 2020
Discover Arduinos+ 2020 PDF icon presentation.pdf
3D Scanning, Yourself!+ 2020 PDF icon presentation.pdf
Podcasting: Introduction to audio production for information professionals 2020 PDF icon presentation.pdf
3D printing* 2020 PDF icon handout.pdf
Bio-Sonification: making sounds with bacteria and plants+ 2020 PDF icon presentation.pdf
Financial literacy 2020
Podcasting and audio: Audacity for information and heritage professionals 2020
Basic cataloguing for non-cataloguers 2020 PDF icon handout.pdf
PDF icon presentation.pdf
Cataloguing with Sirsi 2020 PDF icon handout.pdf
PDF icon presentation.pdf
The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA): Balancing access, confidentiality and privacy 2020 PDF icon presentation.pdf
Data visualization - An introduction 2020 PDF icon presentation_part_1.pdf
PDF icon presentation_part_2.pdf
Bring out yer SIPs: An introduction to digital preservation with Archivematica 2020 PDF icon handout.pdf
PDF icon presentation.pdf
Introduction to data management and statistical analysis with SPSS 2020
Introduction to business research 2020 PDF icon presentation.pdf