A taste of Python: Starting from scratch

In this workshop, you’ll take your first steps towards programming in the world’s most popular language: Python.  Absolutely zero prior knowledge required.

You’ll get an insight into how programming languages work and get a chance to test your newfound skills in action by writing Python code to solve some simple real-life tasks, and even program your own game of rock-paper-scissors!

Along the way, you’ll learn about Git: the perfect tool to build your own online portfolio and showcase your skills to the world.

Through this workshop, you will:

  • Understand the major paradigms of programming
  • Familiarize yourself with the basics of Python
  •  Get hands-on with Python and write basic code
  • Work in groups to program a game
  • Understand version control using Git and how to push your code to Github

Should you fail to withdraw 48+ hours in advance, thereby preventing your colleagues on the waitlist from filling in your spot, your library account will be charged $10 per missed workshop.  Please note, it is your responsibility to sign next to your name on the attendance sheet for each workshop session.  A blank signature spot will result in a penalty charge.


Eden Rusnell, Information Specialist and Privacy Officer at WhoPlusYou